Intelligent Energy Manager

Intelligent Energy Manager

Vital Efficienci’s Intelligent Energy Manager (IEM) is a package of monitoring, measuring and reporting tools designed to give you complete access to the information you need to plan your energy and carbon reduction strategies. IEM gives you the information you need to take complete control over your energy usage.

From carbon accounting and reporting to data collection and consumption forecasting, Intelligent Energy Manager provides the perfect platform on which to build your energy and carbon strategies.

We specialise in providing clients with a complete solution which can afford you the flexibility to save energy and money while driving down your harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Metering & Data

Gathering and interpreting data and then delivering it in an understandable format is essential to the success of any energy system. IEM can offer you quick, accurate and accessible information including:

  • Surveys
  • Specification
  • Supply
  • Automated Reading & Data (AMR) Collection
  • Compiling AMR Data

Energy Efficiency Bureau

The Energy Efficiency Bureau affords you access to a range of decision support tools which will assist you in planning and monitoring your energy system.

  • Profile Alerts
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Energy & Temperature Mapping
  • Consumption Forecasting
  • Energy Displays
  • Feasibility Studies

Measurement and Verification

It is essential that you and the people you report to have 100 percent confidence in your figures and our solutions include independent measurement and verification you can rely on.

Behavioural Change

By simply changing the way your employees consume energy it is possible to see significant demand reduction within your organisation. We have experience of engaging employees and successfully imparting the importance of what we are trying to achieve to gain long-term behavioural change.

  • ISO 500001 System and Process Compliance
  • Energy Awareness and Training

The Business Benefit

Businesses are currently wasting billions of pounds each year in energy they don’t need. In addition to the money wasted on fuel, this brings with it increased CO₂ emissions and their associated taxes.

Intelligent Energy Manager will not only help you to audit your energy usage and carbon output, it will also give you the monitoring and verification tools to ensure accuracy and legislative compliance.

In addition to a wide range of tools, Intelligent Energy Manager can reduce the admin burden for monitoring and management and eliminate the need for hiring additional staff.

Intelligent Energy Manager offers a 360 degree suite of tools to give you everything you need to manage, monitor, report and plan improvements to your energy systems.

Environmental Benefits

Only by having a complete understanding of your energy usage and carbon emissions can you plan an effective reduction strategy. By utilising these tools, it is possible to make the right decisions which can reduce energy usage and, in turn, reduce harmful CO₂ emissions.

Our suite of tools and solutions are backed up by experienced experts who can help you successfully develop and deliver your energy plan.