Ben Zitha Design Engineer

Graduate Success Interview:

Ben Zitha joined Vital Energi as a Graduate Design Engineer and has grown to become a key part of our award-winning design team.

Ben Zitha

Title: Design Engineer

Years At Vital: 4

Higher Education Qualification: BEng Hons in Mechanical Engineering

What was your background when you joined us?

After completing my BEng Hons in Mechanical Engineering at Staffordshire University I worked for three months as a design engineer for a flue gas filtration company before joining Vital Energi.


Can you talk us through what you were doing initially?

When I initially started at Vital Energi, I was assigned a peer guide to introduce/teach me some of the works that we do here. As soon as I joined Vital I went straight into my first project; Wyndford Estate Glasgow, designing the heating and domestic hot water system pipework for the apartments using AutoCAD.


What are you doing now?

I have now been promoted to Design Engineer, where I am responsible for designing district heating networks in the form of calculations, equipment selection and process operation, whilst auditing the systems performance. In addition I also generate schematics, drawings, descriptions, specifications, design documentation and proposals


How would you say you’ve grown/What have you learned since starting at Vital?

I have Increased my technical skills.  Vital Energi is committed to professional development of its employees, during my time at Vital Energi I have had a number of training courses all paid for by the company, we have a number of internal and external CPDs each month, a graduate programme meeting each month and there are a lot of people with years of experience that I can ask any technical questions. All these factors have vastly improved my technical skills

I would also say my confidence has increased due to opportunities for increased responsibilities, such as attending client meeting, coordinating projects, discussing/explaining our technologies to clients/colleagues.


Can you talk me through the support you’ve had while you’ve been here?

The support I have received from the day I started at Vital Energi is amazing; a mentor/peer guide was assigned to look after me when I started working here this made it really easy for me to understand my duties at Vital Energi. A few days after starting work here, I realised how everyone was approachable and easy to talk to. At Vital Energi everyone works as part of a team and the management looks after us very well and invest a lot in training us. I even get some lads from the office console me every time my beloved blues loses!!!


What would you say your biggest achievement to date is?

Hard one to choose, but for me it was when I was asked to look after one of the new graduates, this to me showed that the management had faith in me as well as trusting  me to do the task.


What would you say to someone who’s considering applying to Vital through the Graduate Scheme?

I would highly recommend applying for the Vital Energi graduate scheme as the company is fully supportive of all graduates. In the design department you will be assigned a mentor who will guide and support you throughout your graduate programme.  There is also a graduate programme meeting every month run by one of the senior members, this gives you an excellent chance to improve your technical, interpersonal, communication, presentation skills whilst getting priceless skills to be better at your job.

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