CHP Engine at Scarborough

Scarborough Hospital has moved one step closer to achieving huge energy savings after the delivery of the new 776kWe Combined Heat and Power (CHP) engine which will power the hospital’s new low carbon energy system.

When finished, the system will deliver over £500,000 in energy savings each year as well as reducing CO₂ by over 2,100 tonnes per year.  Vital Energi, who have designed and installed the system have also provided the hospital with an energy performance contract which guarantees a minimum level of savings over a 15 year period.

Brian Golding, Director of Estates, said: “As an organisation, we are very much aware of sustainability issues and are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our sustainable development group ensures that we are consistently addressing energy consumption across all our hospitals, looking at everything from light bulbs through to the design of new buildings.

“Last year we completed a major energy saving and carbon reduction project at York Hospital using a Carbon and Energy Fund Framework with Vital Energi. Since the completion of this project, we have seen a huge reduction in our energy consumption.

“We are pleased to be able to expand this project to Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals. By reducing energy costs, we can reinvest savings into front line services and patient care.”

The 28 tonne CHP Engine, which is inside an acoustic enclosure designed to reduce noise, arrived on an articulated lorry and was craned into a temporary overnight storage place before being delicately and precisely manoeuvred with just 50mm to spare to the final location inside the energy centre compound where it will be connected and commissioned.

The project was procured through the Carbon & Energy Fund, which helps hospitals to deliver projects which dramatically reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions.  The project will also see 1,238 light fittings upgraded, along with the building management systems.

Vital Energi’s Regional Director, Mike Cooke explains, “This is an exciting time as the CHP is the heart of the energy centre and it’s a big milestone for the project.  This is our second project which spans  three sites with York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and overall they will reduce their energy spend by over a guaranteed £22 million, and CO₂ emissions by over 85,000, which is a great achievement for them and a great example to other Trusts who are considering similar schemes.”

The work at Scarborough is part of a joint contract with York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust which will also see Vital perform upgrades at Bridlington & District Hospital.  These will include installing a 238kWe gas fired CHP engine, three boilers, upgrades to over 1,500 light fittings and the building management system which will result in guaranteed savings of £2.2 million and 10,000 tonnes of carbon over 15 year contract.

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