New Sustainable Energy System Will Help Save Hospital £840,000 a Year

Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust has commissioned Vital Energi to design, install and maintain a new £2.8 million heating and hot water system, including CHP and a biomass boiler, which will save the Trust more than £840,000 a year in energy costs and reduce carbon emissions by 4,372 tonnes per year.

Vital Energi is designing and installing the new system which includes a wood fired biomass boiler generating steam, gas fired Combined Heat and Power Engine (CHP) generating steam and hot water with electricity generated at 11kV,  heating pipework to distribute the CHP hot water throughout the hospital and economiser to the existing steam boiler. Vital Energi will also provide all maintenance and life cycling of the new plant over a 15 year performance contract.

The company was awarded the contract after creating an innovative technical and commercial solution, which enhances the Trust’s original CHP and biomass proposal. Vital Energi’s solution includes increasing the CHP capacity and installing an alternative biomass boiler fuel that produces an improved commercial solution.

Vital Energi was happy to minimise the Trust’s risk by taking the responsibility of sourcing and procuring the biomass fuel, therefore guaranteeing a reliable, good quality fuel supply.  

The NHS Trust is funding the project which was procured using the Carbon and Energy Fund (CEF) framework and Vital Energi was able to further reduce the hospital’s risk by committing to complete work under extreme time constraints so as to meet strict funding deadlines.

Ian Whitelock, joint managing director of Vital Energi, said: “This project illustrates just how effective CHP and district heating can be, both in monetary terms and reducing carbon emissions. When this project goes live it will save the Trust £840,000 per year, which is money that can be redirected to front line clinical services.

“This is a project which we’re immensely proud of and one which shows what forward-thinking NHS Trusts can achieve when it comes to how they power and heat their premises. We have worked in partnership with them to create an innovative commercial structure that benefits the Trust and pulled out all the stops to get started on the project so that it hits its funding deadlines, going from preferred bidder to contract signing in just 10 weeks.”

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