Trust’s Energy Savings Set to Soar to Over £13.4 Million

We are proud to announce that, following the successful delivery of the low-carbon energy project at Cheltenham General Hospital, Vital Energi have signed a contract with Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a second project which will bring their overall savings to over £13.4m over the course of their contract terms.

The new energy project, which was procured through the Carbon & Energy Fund (CEF), will see Vital Energi design and install a 2.5MW CHP system which will be integrated into the Trust’s existing electrical, heating and hot water systems at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.  The project also sees Vital Energi working with the local electricity distribution network operator (WPD) to bring in a new High Voltage electricity supply to the hospital in order to increase electricity supply resilience to the hospital estate and enable the connection of the CHP unit to the national grid.

Once the works are complete Vital Energi will then go on to provide a fully managed energy service over a 15 year term which will include the operation, maintenance and lifecycle services of both the new CHP system and the Trust’s existing steam and hot water boilers located within two energy centres at the hospital.

Steve Black, Account Director for Vital Energi explains, “This project allows the Trust to divert a substantial amount of money from its energy budget and redirect this to clinical services where it will be of most benefit for the community.  At the same time, the significant CO2 reductions contribute to a healthier environment, so we’re immensely proud to be involved in a project which is bringing such a positive impact to the Gloucester area.”

Once complete this second project will deliver additional savings to the Trust of over £750,000 per annum and reduce the Trust’s carbon emissions by a further 2,800 tonnes per annum.  This means, across both the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital energy projects delivered by Vital Energi, the Trust will save over £13.4m and will reduce its CO2 emissions by over 80,000 tonnes over the total contract term.  These savings and carbon reductions will be guaranteed to the Trust by Vital Energi under the CEF energy performance contract. 

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