Vital Commitment to Less Landfill Waste

Vital Energi have been successful in their ambition to divert 95% of all site waste away from landfill, with many sites exceeding their initial target.

By adopting a strong environmental focus, reducing cross contamination and employing best practice for on-site waste segregation, Vital Energi have seen, on average, 97.7% of onsite waste redirected away from landfill, while maximising the amount of material recycled.

Regional Director for Vital Energi, Mike Cooke commented, “We have a firm commitment to redirecting waste away from landfills and ensuring the maximum percentage is recycled.  Some of our projects can produce well in excess of 150 tonnes per year, so getting this right has a large, positive effect on the environment and we are delighted that some of our projects are approaching the 100% diversion mark.”

Reducing the impact of waste is part of our on-going commitment to retaining our ISO 14001 standard and also an important part of our environmental policy which sees us strive to ensure that any adverse impact on the environment or quality of life is prevented or significantly reduced.

In addition to our on-site activities, Vital Energi has committed to ensuring 100% of all waste produced at its Blackburn Headquarters is redirected away from Landfill.  This ensures our WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) such as mobile phones are given to charity, reused or sold on.

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