Vital Graduate Open Day | Vital Energi

Six new graduates have joined Vital Energi after attending its annual Graduate Open Day in August.

All six have successfully completed the company's graduate assessment day during which they convinced the selection panel of their capability and suitability through team exercises, presentations and a formal interview.

The new recruits have high grade Bachelor and Master Degrees in law, engineering, innovation management and construction project management from universities including Liverpool, Glamorgan, Cranfield, Imperial College, London and Herriot-Watt.

Two graduates have joined Vital Energi's commercial department as graduate commercial assistants and two have joined the engineering department. The remaining two will spend their first year with the company on the structured graduate training programme that aims to provide them with practical instruction in key business functions and includes placements with the commercial ESCo, engineering and design teams.

Graduate recruit, Victoria, commented: "I chose to apply to Vital Energi as it was evident that the company was committed to investing in its staff and gave them the support to reach their full potential. That is what I was looking for as I didn't want my education and training to finish when I left university.  I was also impressed by Vital Energi's high standing within the UK construction industry, specifically the renewable energy sector, which is where my interest lies."

Ian Whitelock, joint managing director of Vital Energi, added: "At Vital Energi we understand that our commercial success can only be achieved through the talent and endeavours of our employees which is why we are committed to maintaining a high level of investment in new and existing staff to secure our future success."

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