York Teaching Hospital Energy Centre Opening

York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust celebrated the official opening of its new Combined Heat and Power Energy Scheme with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday 4th March.

The ribbon cutting was performed by Patrick Crowley, Chief Executive and afterwards the Trust was presented with a plaque by Ian Whitelock, Vital Energi’s Joint Managing Director.

The award-winning Energy Centre promises to save £12.7 million and almost 45,000 tonnes of CO2 during its 15-year lifecycle and all savings have been guaranteed by Vital Energi under an Energy Performance Contract.  The project saw our Vital Solutions team work with Vital Efficienci to first reduce the amount of energy the Trust were using before Vital Energi designed and installed a CHP-powered energy centre based on the reduced demand.

Ashley Malin, Project Development Director commented, “York Hospital had a clear desire to reduce both its carbon output and its energy spend, taking positive steps to improve the environment and save money which can then be spent on frontline clinical care.  By guaranteeing these savings the Trust can now be 100% confident that this project will deliver day in, day out, benefiting service users for years to come.”

Brian Golding, Director of Estates, said: “As an organisation, we are very much aware of sustainability issues and are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Our sustainable development group ensures that we are consistently addressing energy consumption across all our hospitals, looking at everything from light bulbs through to the design of new buildings.

“Last year we completed a major energy saving and carbon reduction project at York Hospital using the Carbon and Energy Fund Framework with Vital Energi. We are delighted to officially open our refurbished energy centre.”

The principal component of the new installation is a new combined heat and power unit (CHP). Carbon emissions are projected to be cut by 2,996 tonnes a year, a reduction of 22 per cent.  The £4.6 million project will also generate financial savings of £848,000 per year, which is equal to a 26 per cent reduction on current energy bills and operating costs.

Vital Energi are delighted that our partnership with York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust will continue after being awarded the contracts to provide energy conservation measures and energy centres at both Bridlington and Scarborough Hospital.   All projects were won through the Carbon and Energy Fund Framework.

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