Marketing Executive

Vacancy for Marketing Executive

The Opportunity:

To develop, manage and deliver communication initiatives for 2 major business units within the Vital Energi Group. You will be responsible for the promotion of these key business areas that target both public and private sector clients at different stages of the sales process and through a variety of mediums/initiatives.

The Company:

VEUL is at the forefront of delivering centralised efficient low carbon energy solutions across public/ private residential, retail and commercial sectors throughout the UK. We operate in a rapidly expanding vibrant market for Heat and Power solutions. We design, install, operate, maintain and own environmentally friendly energy generation; and distribution systems.

The Role:

  • You will be responsible for delivering the marketing plan for 2 of the Vital Groups business units
  • Identify project promotion opportunities to share key project milestones; this could be in the form of drone, documentary video, 3D animation, time-lapse footage.
  • Develop and implement initiatives to attract new customers as well as update existing customers on business unit developments
  • Develop and deliver campaigns based on market trends across multiple initiatives
  • Report on the performance of all initiatives delivered
  • Continue to research and identify new platforms and initiatives to communicate messages
  • Work with Marketing Coordinator responsible for event coordination to ensure events and exhibitions are delivered effectively in order to target the markets of the business units.
  • Communicating with Directors, Sales and Bid Teams, Engineers and Clients to ensure the delivery of tasks
  • Working closely with clients to develop and implement initiatives on individual project communication plans. We communicate with both end users of projects as well as wider stakeholders. A communications plan is developed between Vital and the client to educate all stakeholders about the project.
  • Working closely with the communications team to ensure the messages are executed efficiently in the form of news, case studies, press releases, thought leadership
  • Working with the Marketing Coordinator responsible for the website to ensure messages and functionality on the website communicate effectively with target markets.
  • Providing day to day support to the Marketing Manager


The below initiatives are to be included but is not an exclusive list:

  • Video - Production of documentary video and 3D animation projects to showcase key selling points of the project
  • Printed collateral – Developing messages to appeal to the target audience and working with marketing team to develop style
  • Interactive PDFs – Working with external agencies to generate dynamic interactive pdfs that can be shared with clients.
  • Working with external agencies to develop graphics, infographics and animations
  • Social Media – Ensuring messages are Business Unit project messages are posted regularly and the use of social media advertising is utilised for campaigns
  • Maximising use of 3D scanning videos on both online and as Virtual Reality.
  • Email campaigns – Developing targeted campaigns and newsletters to the business unit target audiences as well as growing database of contacts
  • Advertising – Identifying new publications both online and offline that effectively target key markets


  • 2-3 years’ experience in working in marketing
  • Minimum 1 year experience in a Marketing Executive or similar role
  • 7+ GCSE passess (grade A to C) including Maths and English (or equivalent)
  • Have working knowledge, experience and a sound understanding of; Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel. Adobe Photoshop and InDesign would be desirable but not essential.
  • Experience of using a Content Management System
  • Have strong organisational skills and ability to manage multiple projects
  • Be analytical
  • Be able to work and communication within a team
  • Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Be creative and innovative – able to generate ideas

The Person:

  • Effective Communication / Relationships
    • Communicate ideas and information effectively, both verbally and in writing. Use language and a style of communication that is appropriate to the situation and people being addressed. Make sure that others understand what is going on. Adapt the style of communication to meet the needs of the audience. Check for understanding.  Identify, build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with internal and external contacts to improve the success of the business. If people have confidence in your ability and willingness to collaborate they will be more likely to work with you to achieve results.
  • Team Working
    • Develop strong working relationships inside and outside the team to achieve common goals. Work effectively as a team member and help to build relationships within it. Actively help and supports others to achieve team goals.
  • Personal Responsibility
    • Take personal responsibility for making things happen and achieving results. Display motivation, commitment, perseverance and conscientiousness. Act with a high degree of discretion and integrity. Take personal responsibility for your own actions and for resolving issues or problems that arise. Focus on achieving results to required standards and developing skills and knowledge. Project a professional image and act as an ambassador for other administrative staff. Sustain a high level of accuracy working under pressure; and maintain a professional approach and a sense of humour
  • Respect
    • Consider and show respect for the opinions, circumstances and feelings of colleagues and customers. Understand other people’s views and take them into account. Be tactful and diplomatic when dealing with people, treating them with dignity and respect at all times.
  • Excellent time management skills, ability to achieve targets / deadlines
    • Ensure that objectives you have set for yourself and for others are achieved within agreed parameters, delivering successful business outcomes.
  • Analytical
    • Analyse problems and identify the key issues needing action. Assess problems and situations in a systematic way and identify time sequences, set priorities and draw logical conclusions from data.