Build and Prefabrication

Our engineers are at the heart of our service delivery and it is their ability and attitude that make us market leaders in our field.

Energy Centres

We installed our first energy centre 15 years ago and have since tackled installations into some of the most obscure and restricting spaces through to the largest and most flexible.

Our team have worked on some of the most technically complex projects, including the retrofit of a former mortuary, where a 3 storey steel structure and two 23 tonne CHP engines were housed in an 1890s Grade II listed building. 37 different shapes and sizes of slate were put back into its pre-construction position, and 60 windows were renovated or replaced with sashes matching the originals. The project was completed to heritage standard of sensitive building alterations with 48,000 accident free hours of work.

Our hands are safe hands, and we have successfully maintained a constant supply of energy whilst performing major works on the energy centres that supply institutions offering critical services such as Hospitals and Universities.

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Pre-Construction & Construction

We have delivered 130 new build, retrofit and extensions to energy centres”

We provide practical support at all stages of the construction process and have the unique capability of delivering both third party architect designs or utilising our own in-house architectural specialists to create bespoke energy structures.

We adopt the same value engineering approach to construction that we do to engineering, looking to create the best solution, enhancing layouts and ensuring there is adequate space for current and future equipment. Recent projects have seen us deliver the iconic The University of Northampton Biomass Energy Centre, The Grade II listed University of Liverpool retrofit project and we have recently delivered two new bespoke energy centres for the £35m Leeds PIPES project.

Pre-Construction Construction Image

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District Heating & Cooling Pipe Networks

Our infrastructure team are behind some of the UK’s first and many of its most significant district heating and cooling network installations. In our almost 30 years of putting pipe in the ground our District Heating pedigree puts us ahead of our competitors in quality of installation and service delivery.

From working on a 400m pipe repair to installing the first district energy pipe connection between two hospitals in a major city centre, we have overcome every obstacle and perfected our installation methods.

It is the capability of our engineers and these methods that enable us to guarantee long pipe life cycles - up to 60 years - and even work ahead of schedule.

We take every precaution to minimise disruption during the construction phase, from thorough ground radar services to working with utilities companies and landowners, keeping trench openings as small as possible and prefabricating pipe offsite.

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In-house Prefabrication Team

We have a permanent in-house prefabrication team stationed at our Head Office in Blackburn. This facility enables faster installation onsite and less disruption, a reduction in onsite waste, minimal shutdown periods for sites already connected to the network. In some instances no hot works will be required onsite at all.

HIUs & Heat Meters

Our team have prior experience of installations, inside both new build and existing homes, as well as commercial properties so are confident and respectful when dealing with residents inside the home.

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