Operation & Maintenance

Operation & Maintenance

The Operation & Maintenance team at Vital is all in-house which means we have a force of engineers ready to provide 24/7 planned and reactive services to sites across the whole of the UK.

We offer operation & maintenance contracts on projects we have installed as well as existing ones which have been built by other contractors and are currently working to contract lengths of up to 35 years.

It is the vastness and capability of our team which allows us to do this, offer both short and long term O&M contracts, as well as long term warranties on our own installations.

How we work & response processes:

There are strenuous response processes in place across all of our projects and a strong line of management within each team of engineers to ensure they are adhered to.

Not only this, but on sites we have constructed ourselves, the O&M team can be involved throughout the construction phase of the project so already understand the site and how best to maintain it before they have even taken over.

Our engineers are split into five teams:

  • Scotland (East & West sub-teams)
  • North
  • South West
  • London 1
  • London 2

Each team is appointed a team leader and contracts manager, as well as an on-call engineer who is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to respond to issues with the equipment onsite.

We also have an office-based team in our Head Office, Blackburn, who coordinate maintenance, Health and Safety, risk assessments, product monthly reports and support our clients.

We have strenuous onsite processes and KPIs in place to make sure the pipe and energy centre equipment we are operating reaches the full length of its potential life cycle.

  • Inspections: We proactively monitor and service the energy centres we are maintaining with periodical inspections so that we can pre-empt maintenance work.
  • Planned maintenance works: We compile 52 week maintenance schedules, keeping clients fully informed of what is happening at any given time.
  • Emergency call-outs: If there is an issue in the energy centre, the BMS control system that is installed onsite will set off an alert alarm. Our on-call engineer will log into the site remotely to assess if the issue warrants an immediate physical call out or can be solved remotely. This instantaneous alarm system means that an engineer is either on site or has resolved the issue before any disruption has been caused to clients or residents.

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