Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

On every new project we seek to identify all stakeholders who might be involved with or affected by a small or large-scale district energy installation or repair.

Members of our 400-strong team have been designing, installing and repairing pipe in the ground and energy centres for nearly 30 years. We know that the hands-on, proactive management of these stakeholders from pre-construction to delivery stage is absolutely essential to delivering a project that is on-time and has caused minimal disruption to all communities involved.


Highways & Rail

We work with local highways authorities and Network Rail at tender or pre-construction stage to decide upon routes and crossings, and devise the most appropriate traffic management plan to reduce disruption to travellers.


Planning & Permissions

We have strong relationships with renowned expert planning consultants and work with them to manage and achieve all required planning approvals and permissions from both public and private landowners within programme timescales.


The Local Community - not limited to emergency services, local residents, businesses, students & hospital patients, and housing associations

We keep the local community informed of everything that could affect their day to day life – from the construction schedule, to temporary parking and alternative transport arrangements during periods of road closure.

Every project is different, so we work hard to find the most appropriate way of keeping in touch with each group within the community. We use methods such as 1-2-1 briefings, open days, multi-lingual tenant liaison officers, leaflets/brochures  delivered to their door, or social media forums online, to name a few.


Supply Chain

We have long working relationships with our supply chain and embed them into the Vital family with a ‘one team’ approach. They consist of both large national and international organisations and local independent companies across the UK.


“Stakeholder engagement is key to this project; I haven’t seen anyone do this as well as Vital Energi” Mark Simpson, University of St Andrews