Aluflex - Flexible Aluminium Pipe Systems

Key Features 

Flexible Pipe Dimension mm Temp Range Max Alarm System Operating Pressure Diffusion Barrier Series of Insulation Thickness Lambda Value W/mK 
AluFlex 16, 20, 26 & 32

0oc to 95°C (continuous) Max operating Temperature 105°C

No 10 Bar Yes 1 & 2 0.022

The AluFlex Pipe system

AluFlex flexible pipe is equally suitable for distribution systems used in community heating, district heating and for sanitary water. The service pipe is of composite construction, with an aluminium pipe coated with PEX on the inside and with PE on the outside. The aluminium core provides 100% protection against the diffusion of oxygen and steam, as well as making sure the pipe retains its configuration.

A layer of aluminium foil is placed between the outer casing and the insulation of the AluFlex pipe and acts as a diffusion barrier. This ensures consistent, stable insulating properties, lambda 0.022 W/mK throughout the service life of the pipe.

AluFlex pipes can be operated continuously at 95°C and have a maximum working pressure of 10 bar.

AluFlex flexible pipe systems are available both as single and twin pipe solutions.

Applications for AluFlex Pre-insulated Pipes:

  • Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW)
  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water 

The general advantages of AluFlex Pipe systems are:

  • Reduction in the number of joints needed through the availability of long lengths 
  • Reduction in the number of joints needed through the option of Twin Pipe
  • Reduction in the number of bends/fittings needed as the flexibility allows the piping to follow the best and easiest path
  • Reduction of waste as pipe can be cut to measure 
  • No special considerations necessary to take up thermal expansion
  • Reduction of excavation costs as pipes can be laid on top of each other and/or in very narrow trenches
  • No-dig methods (or boring) can be applied
  • Fully compliant with CIBSE CHPA Heat Networks Code of Practice