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We are one of the UK’s leading installers of quality pre-insulated pipe, and we work with the world’s market leaders in renewable energy resources to ensure that our networks set the standards in industry for performance and quality.

Within any District Heating & Cooling Network, the more energy lost in transport to the end user, the more costly your project will be, so it is essential that any pipes used are as efficient as possible. 

Scandinavia sits at the forefront of the District Heating and Cooling market, with countries such as Denmark supplying 63% of homes with hot water through a District energy network. We’re working with the best Scandinavian pre-insulated pipe manufacturers and suppliers to offer up to 50 years’ service guarantee with our installations.

We have great relationships with our suppliers, and have regular factory and headquarter visits to discuss updates on new methods and techniques for installation. We even fly our installation teams to Scandinavia to ensure they’re trained to the highest industry standards.


LOGSTOR have been designing and manufacturing pre-insulated pipes for over 50 years. As one of the market leaders in the design and manufacturing of pre-insulated pipe systems, LOGSTOR are at the cutting edge of new technology, and focus on providing better energy efficiency to their customers. They provide a range of pipe products, including Steel, PexFlex and CuFlex pipe and straight, curved and T-joints.

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Take a look at how Logstor pipe was used at North West Cambridge or download Logstor's brochure about their technology.


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