Combined Cooling Heat and Power

Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP), or trigeneration as it is also known, is the most economical and environmentally sound way to generate electricity, heat and cooling, making it the ideal solution for organisations which have significant cooling requirements.

CCHP energy schemes integrate Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems with absorption chillers.  Waste heat provides energy to produce chilled water which is then used for cooling.

Business benefits

Vital Energi has such confidence in the economic benefits of trigeneration energy schemes it backs its projects with a guarantee of significant savings per annum and has a strong track record of far exceeding these guarantees.  After the installation of the CCHP system at The Natural History and Victoria and Albert museums Vital Energi have delivered energy savings of almost £1 million per annum since 2007.

Another benefit of trigeneration is that it offers organisations a higher level of energy security, removing their reliance on the National Grid and putting their energy generation under their own control, allowing for greater flexibility.

Environmental benefits

The environmental benefits of CCHP are well documented and Vital Energi is proud to have worked on a number of high-profile projects which have significantly reduced carbon emissions. CCHP systems installed by Vital Energi at the Natural History Museum have reduced CO₂ emissions by up 2,300 tonnes per year.  

CCHP systems can be extremely flexible, allowing for creative solutions to heating, power and cooling requirements.  This creativity can been seen at work in the £650 million MediaCityUK development which uses water from the nearby canal to provide cooling, before filtering it and returning it to its source cleaner than it began.  This innovative solution contributed to MediaCityUK becoming the first development in the world to become a BREEAM approved sustainable community.