Energy Control Systems (SCADA)

Energy Control Solutions (SCADA)

Automation Systems (SCADA)

Vital Efficienci provide a full and comprehensive service to energy users in ensuring plant and equipment are monitored and controlled and through constant capture and analyses of valuable data ensure optimum efficiency is maintained and down time is kept to a minimum.

At Vital Efficienci, we have the in house capability to design, install and maintain energy control solutions from simple BMS to complex process control solutions (SCADA).

Our solutions are robust, reliable and scalable, offering real-time information which can be used to identify energy waste, provide constant improvement and life cycle maintenance.

Our association with leading hardware manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley/ Rockwell and Trend provide a back drop for continued improvement of technology, training and support.

We have the in house capability to fully utilise the vast benefits of Modbus and MBus data handling with supporting software some of which is unique to Vital Efficienci. 

Fully integrated control systems generate an enormous amount of data and it is easy to overlook essential alarms, especially when there are multiple systems and sites. Our alarm monitoring software easily handles this problem by normalising and consolidating all alarms from every type of system, into a simple risk level report. 

At Vital Efficienci we believe that our client’s should have easy access to the information provided and as such we have the solution. By providing remote access via smart phone or tablet technology we provide managers and engineers with real time information on the performance of the plant equipment or systems. 

We believe that our turnkey solutions provide customers with a robust and future proof solution being at the heart of their energy strategy

Business Benefits

Our Energy Controls Solution (ECS) system offers many benefits over human oversight, allowing for a greater volume of data collection and analysis which will help you operate your system at its optimum. Our alarm systems ensure that issues are detected and can be addressed at the very earliest opportunity and the data collected from sensors and metering is securely stored.

The system is proven to eliminate inefficiencies and its intelligent analysis helps to avoid simple issues such as bottlenecks and over production.

By optimising performance our ECS system can reduce energy usage, increase production and extend equipment life cycle. Also, the ECS system offers the perfect framework for automating parts of your business, reducing unnecessary staffing costs.

Environmental Benefits

Our system analyses the data it collects and uses it to make intelligent decisions about performance. These improvements result in improved production, less waste and reduced energy usage, which in turn lowers carbon emissions.

Also, our ECS systems allow completely “unstaffed” or reduced employee facilities, cutting down on the amount of staff travel to and between multiple sites during the systems lifecycle.