ISO50001 - Energy Management

ISO50001 - Energy Management

ISO 50001 is the most widely recognised international standard for energy management, with a structure based on the ISO management system model used in quality and environmental management (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). It provides a framework for managing energy within an organisation, and if accredited, demonstrates a robust and validated approach to taking control of your organisation’s energy use

How does it work?

The standard requires certain documentation to be maintained and activities to take place, providing a framework for energy management. Energy use is monitored and energy data analysed alongside weather and production data. The system is regularly reviewed and refined to ensure continual improvement.

How can it help your organisation?

Whether you rely on an in house energy manager or use external consultants, it is vital that their work is carried out within a framework that ensures transparency, best practice and continual improvement. ISO 50001 can ensure your efforts and investment in energy efficiency achieve results. These are some of the benefits of the structured approach it provides:

•    Help in reducing energy consumption
•    Reinforcement of positive energy management practices
•    Improved communication within your organisation and externally
•    Provision of processes for formally assessing opportunities for reducing energy use
•    Confidence, for energy managers and directors, in energy savings achieved
•    Integration of energy management with existing environmental, health & safety and procurement systems

How can Vital Energi help?

Whatever your in-house capabilities, or whichever stage you’re at with your ISO 50001 implementation, Vital Energi can help. While we tailor our services to every client’s needs, these are some of the ways we can add value to your energy management activities:

Complete energy management service

If you are lacking internal resources to fulfil the energy management activities required by ISO 50001 we can provide a complete solution from energy policy, energy analysis and review to certification.

Review and accreditation

If you already have a structured and comprehensive system for energy management in place, Vital Energi can review your documentation and help you attain accreditation, and of course recommend ways to maintain the continual improvement element of the standard.

Documentation and set up

Many organisations are undertaking the activities required by ISO 50001 but haven’t documented their processes, or are unsure whether they are meeting the standard. We can provide a pro forma document set and all the expertise to sit down and document your energy management system.