Energy saving ideas

Reduce your energy bill by lowering your energy usage.

Follow our top 10 energy saving tips and you will lower your bills.

Top 10 energy saving tips

1. One Degree Can Make A Difference.

If you turn your thermostat down just 1 degree it can result in huge savings. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that you can cut your heating bills by £75 per year using this method.


2. Turn Off Your Heating When You’re Not At Home!

If you’re only going out for a few hours then it’s tempting to leave your heating on so that your house is nice and toasty when you get back, but you should use your timer instead!  Use your display to see how much you spend on heating per hour and you’ll realise how much you can save by turning it off when you’re not at home.


3. How Hot Is Too Hot?

Having your hot water set too high doesn’t just waste energy… it’s dangerous too.  The National Health Service estimates that a partial thickness burn can occur in just 2 seconds with a hot water temperature of 65 degrees Celsius.  Ensure that your hot water is set to be safe AND economical.


4. How Full Is Full?

Whether you’re talking about a bath or a kettle, overfilling can be a massive waste of both water and energy, which adds up to a massive waste of money.   Calculate how much you’re wasting by overfilling and you’ll quickly realise it’s money down the drain!


5. Why Heat An Empty Room?

In the same way you shouldn’t heat your house when nobody is home, there’s no reason to heat an empty room.   If you have spare rooms or areas of the house you don’t use very often then only heat them when you need to using your heating controls.  Compare your heat usage when you’re heating the extra space and when you’re not and you’ll very quickly realise that in the course of a year you can make a saving.


6. Get To Know Your Heating System.

Learn how to best use the timers, thermostats, and other controls which come with your heating system to get the most for your money.  Whenever you use your heating controls, take the time to look at your display and see how it affects energy usage.   Pretty quickly you’ll know the best settings for all seasons in all zones of your house and will reap the benefits when it’s time for your energy bill!


7. Don’t Put Up With Drips.

It’s not just water that could be dripping out of that tap… It’s money too.  The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a dripping hot water tap wastes as much energy as filling half a bath!  That means that if you’ve got a dripping tap you’re paying for 26 baths per year and you’re not even getting to enjoy the bubbles!


8. Bath Or Shower – Do The Maths!

There’s been endless debate about whether showers are more economical than baths, but now you’ve got the proof!  The answer will be dependent on many factors, so use your display to check how much energy you’re using on each and you’ll be able to tell which is cheaper for you and your family.


9. Watch Out For Standby…

If you’ve got our electricity metering option then you’ve got all the information you need to save money.  Try turning off all the electrical equipment you normally leave on standby and you’ll see that over the course of a year you can make a real saving!


10. Plug Up Your Gaps.

Your heating system will carry on working until it reaches the temperature on your thermostat.  If you’re losing heat through gaps in your door, draughty windows and even your keyhole and letterbox then you’re also losing money.  There are affordable solutions to reducing heat loss such as draft excluders draft proofing and door furniture insulators.