Frequently Asked Questions about your vPro system.

Getting to know your vPro Energy Metering System and understanding the information it gives you can help you lower your fuel bills as well as giving you other important details such as your CO2 emissions. Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions from how emergency credit works to how you can pay your bills.


What is vPro ems:

The vPro Energy Metering System (vPro:ems) is a SMART heat metering solution that helps you to understand, budget and control your heat energy consumption.

vPro:ems connects into your energy supply to provide information directly to you through your vPro In-Home Display (vPro IHD).

The vPro IHD will provide key information to you such as your current consumption, remaining balance, days until you next need to top up and current tariff amongst other information.


What Is Emergency Credit & How Do I Access It?

Emergency Credit provides a temporary amount of credit in case you are unable to top up and your credit is about to run out.  The low credit alarm will sound when no credit is remaining on the system and an alert is provided at the bottom of your In-Home Display.  Please click this alert and press OK to confirm that you accept the emergency credit.

You can also enable Emergency Credit through the Heat Usage Account Screen.


How Much Emergency Credit Do I Get & How Do I Repay Emergency Credit?

The amount of emergency credit that is available is fixed and will be set by your heat supplier.  When you next top up your credit, your emergency credit fund will be topped up first so please top up more than the emergency credit.


What Is Friendly Credit?

Friendly Credit periods are specified times during each day and specific days (e.g. bank holidays, New Year etc) where your vPro meter will not stop your heat energy supply if your credit runs out.

During the friendly credit period you will still be charged for your heat, and when you next top up, your credit will be applied to pay for the friendly credit first.

Once the friendly credit period has finished and you have no credit, your heat supply will be stopped until you purchase sufficient credit to pay for more than any friendly credit used.


What Should I Do If My Automated Top Up Does Not Work?

If your automated top up has not taken place within a reasonable amount of time, you can enter the vend code directly.  Simply select HEAT and you can enter your vend code using the touch screen key pad.

If you have topped up by Payzone your 20 digit vend code will be printed on your receipt.  (Please note, that in some circumstances your vend code may be 40 or 60 characters.)

If you top up by any other method then you will receive the vend code directly to your mobile phone by SMS or alternatively you can contact vPro Customer Services on 0845 519 5099.

Please have a pen and paper available to write down your vend code.


How Can I Add Credit?

Online:  You can logon to: https://payment.vitalenergi.co.uk to make single and subscription payments by credit or debit card or to set up direct debit.

Payzone: Take your vPro Smart Card to any Payzone outlet and make a payment in cash.

Telephone: Call Vital Energi on 0845 519 5099 and make a payment via credit or debit card.

Direct Debit: Set up a Direct Debit to pay a fixed amount of credit each month.  You can do this by logging onto https://payment.vitalenergi.co.uk or by giving us a call on 0845 519 5099.


When Is General Enquiries Line Open?

We are open between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.


What happens if I lose my cards or they are stolen?

Don’t worry, the cards are unique to your meter so there is no risk of losing any credit. Just contact our Customer Services Team on 0845 519 5099 and they will send you another one for a replacement fee of £10.


What happens if I lose my receipt before I’ve been able to key the code into the meter?

No need to panic, we have a record of every top-up you make and can re-issue the vend code for you if you call our Customer Services line on 0845 519 5099.


Can I See How Much Heat I Have Consumed?

Your In-Home Display can show you information on how you have historically consumed heat by tapping on “Usage History”.  You will be able to see your consumption data for up to the last 12 months.


Can I See What Tariff I Am On?

Yes. You can find out what tariff you are on by simply tapping the Tariff button on your In-Home display.


Can I Check My Environmental Impact?

Yes.  By tapping “CO2> Heat” on the Main Menu screen you can see information about your carbon emissions.  This will give you a range of data including your monthly and yearly CO2 emissions.