Carbon Reduction Guarantees Pass 15,000 tonnes for RE:FIT & NDEE Clients

We are celebrating after the carbon reductions guaranteed to our RE:FIT and NDEE clients soared past the 15,000 tonnes mark.  The savings are the result of 17 projects developed and delivered in partnership between us and 10 of our public sector clients.

The projects range across the education, healthcare and council sectors, with savings coming from over 35 different types of energy generation and conservation measures such as solar PV and lighting, HVAC, and insulation upgrades and the improvements will save our clients over £6m per annum.

We have also created a range of bespoke solutions for clients, based on their specific needs, such as improving the fume cupboards in University laboratories or replacing the fire doors at an ice arenas, both of which resulted in significant carbon savings.

Whilst there are many ways to procure a project, the RE:FIT and NDEE frameworks are effective at removing much of the complications and transferring risk involved from the public sector bodies to the contractor. Both frameworks provide the necessary funding and require the contractor to deliver performance guarantees which achieve quick payback, which is ideal for public sector bodies who may have limited resources and require budget certainty.

Scott Lutton, Operations Director – North And Scotland

One significant benefit of these frameworks is the speed at which they can be procured. As they have comprehensive legal and contractual frameworks in place they can often be procured in 4-6 weeks as mini-competitions amongst pre-qualified contractors. If you compare this to a competitive dialogue, which can take up to 28 weeks, or a single stage tender, which can be 12 weeks, it’s clear that these frameworks have simplified the process and made it easier to deliver rapid decarbonisation.

Scott Lutton concludes, “Both the RE:FIT and NDEE now have long track records and multiple success stories which demonstrate the promised financial and carbon savings are being delivered week in and week out. This is great news for the UK as, not only has the UK Government committed to delivering 78% carbon reduction by 2035, but many local authorities have declared climate emergencies and set even more ambitious carbon reduction targets. These frameworks are one of the core tools which we can use to meet these targets and deliver a cleaner, greener UK.”

Key Stats

  • 17 projects across 10 clients
  • 35 separate types of energy conservation and generation measures deployed
  • £6m+ in energy savings per annum
  • Circa 15,000 tonnes of CO2 reduction per annum