Energy Solutions for The Healthcare Sector

Challenges faced by Energy Solutions - Healthcare Sector projects

With an annual energy bill of £600 million the NHS has identified power, heating and cooling as one of the areas where it can make significant savings and this drive to lower energy bills and emissions can be seen across the entire healthcare sector.

Hospitals need reliable and affordable hot water, heat and electricity and the dilemma healthcare managers face is that the cost of running and maintaining a hospital impacts heavily on healthcare funds.   Reducing these costs allows for savings to be redirected to vital clinical front-line services.

The solution

This scenario has prompted many healthcare authorities to look for more cost effective and efficient means of supplying heat and hot water.

Vital Energi understands the needs of the healthcare sector, having worked on community energy projects at a number of major UK hospitals, including York Hospital, Northampton Hospital and Blackpool Victoria.  In addition to installing CHP solutions we are experienced at updating existing infrastructure and improving efficiencies to ensure our clients enjoy the best possible return on their investment.

Cutting energy bills is a priority for all hospitals and Vital Energi is perfectly equipped to help install the technology that can help make these savings possible. We are experienced at working on projects which are funded by the Carbon and Energy Fund Frameworks (CEFS) and offer guaranteed financial savings and reduced CO₂ emissions.

Vital Energi provides guaranteed financial and carbon savings for up to 30 years, which offers a high level of security for the Trust.   We uniquely provide energy generation solutions and management solutions, which reduce the Trust’s consumption and then provide low carbon generation solutions based on this reduced demand, therefore delivering additional savings.

Where possible, Vital Energi will also look to connect the Trust’s additional buildings, therefore increasing the overall site-wide savings.