Ministry of Justice and Defence Energy Solutions

Challenges faced by Ministry of Justice & Defence Energy Solutions projects

Challenges Faced by The Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has clearly demonstrated its vision for the future by stating it will be a low carbon business in which carbon management and sustainability are embedded within decision making.  This resolve is further seen in commitment to ensure all major refurbishments are assessed to a BREEAM standard of “Very Good”, while new builds must be assessed as “Excellent”.

With an annual energy bill in excess of £117 million it is easy to see the scale and the challenges faced by the MoJ in heating and powering their headquarters, courts, prisons, probation estates and other premises and ensuring they reach the BREEAM standards with new developments.

Challenges Faced by The Ministry of Defence

Measuring 230,000 ha, The Ministry of Defence (MoD) estates makes up 1% of the UK’s landmass and count 67,000 houses amongst its many buildings.  An estate of this size can have a significant impact on the UK as a whole and the MoD have shown a strong commitment to meeting the targets in the greening government commitment.

The scale and variety of the MoD’s estates presents opportunities for improvement in energy and heat generation, distribution and use and they have shown a strong commitment to sustainable development by already significantly reducing their greenhouse gas emissions

The solution

Vital Energi have one of the longest track records of contributing energy solutions to BREEAM-rated projects and designed and installed the MediaCityUK’s revolutionary trigeneration scheme which contributed towards it being recognised as the world’s first BREEAM Community.  Our King’s Cross energy centre will provide 100% of the heat and 80% of the power for the entire development where a BREEAM rating of "Excellent" is the minimum standard and “Outstanding” is the goal.

Vital Energi has installed systems for the prison service at a number of sites, including HMP Swaleside in Kent, where we are delivering maintenance and operation services as part of on-going contracts and have been able to demonstrate our commitment to maintain 24-hour security and to conforming to stringent contractor approval procedures.

Vital Energi has also worked on a number of MoD sites, including RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath, to supply and install pre-insulated underground pipework, allowing additional buildings to be connected to an existing community heating scheme.

We offer tailored solutions that meet your requirements now, and in the future. Our exceptional levels of in-house expertise allow us to tailor bespoke energy solutions to each project.  We are nationally renowned for reducing organisations’ energy bills while reducing their CO₂ emissions which can bring reductions in the level of Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) and Energy Efficiency Scheme (EES) taxes which they pay.