Energy Solutions - New Builds

Challenges faced by Energy Solutions - New Builds projects

Over the past ten years housing development has changed. No longer are new estates of detached homes the norm, instead the apartment block is back in vogue, many of them connected to housing developments and mixed use schemes.

But this isn't just an issue of aesthetics. One of the challenges developers are now facing is how to incorporate energy efficiency technologies into their new schemes. In fact, it's not unusual for planning permission to hinge on such proposals and energy generation and distribution are very closely linked with Building Regulations and the Code for Sustainable Homes.

We understand the pressure on developers and house builders to provide homes which meet the very highest environmental standards and our solutions can be specifically designed for the reduced consumption provided by the fabric of the building.  This is a stage of the design process which is essential to get right as it can have huge capital expenditure implications and even effect the maintenance costs and life cycle of the installation.

The solution

Vital Energi has been designing and installing these schemes for decades and we have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to operating and maintaining them. We know the potential pitfalls and we know how to maximise their efficiency, which puts us in a prime position to be an effective project partner.  We work extremely hard to produce solutions that exceed targets and ensure that projects are future proofed for further development and expansion.

Community heating schemes using CHP or renewables can provide extensive carbon reductions and often form the most economical way to meet regulations and provide secure and cheaper bills for residents.

Systems we have designed and installed have contributed to MediaCityUK being named the world’s first Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) community and King’s Cross confidently stating that a BREEAM rating of Excellent will be the minimum standard at their development.