Energy Solutions - Power Generation

Challenges faced by Energy Solutions - Power Generation projects

Ensuring power plants generate and distribute energy efficiently is essential for the environment, but also makes sound financial sense.  This financial impact isn’t just shown in the cost of energy lost, but also in taxes paid and the loss of potential incentives.

Renewable and sustainable power plants which use fuel types such as biomass, waste and gas, but do not harness their waste heat or install inefficient district heating networks are increasingly being regarded as unacceptable in the modern climate and are putting themselves at a financial disadvantage.  

The solution

Vital Energi have worked on projects which clearly demonstrate that their expert contribution to planning, installation and design can maximise incentives and savings and deliver CO₂reductions.

With high levels of in-house expertise they can advise power plants on how to efficiently utilise waste energy, harnessing the valuable heat which would otherwise be lost and using district heating products to transfer it in the most efficient way.    

This in-house experience also enables Vital Energi to advise how power generators can maximise their financial position with regards to the complex permutations of taxes and incentives which may apply, such as the Renewables Obligation Scheme, Enhanced Capital Allowances and Renewables Heating Initiative (RHI).