Energy Solutions for The Public Sector

Challenges faced by Energy Solutions - Public Sector projects

With the Government setting such ambitious targets to combat climate change, it is only natural that it should look to lead by example and make changes to the way in which energy is generated and used at the many premises it operates.   In a 2012 survey by the Carbon Trust almost 75 per cent of respondents said that the government should be leading the way by cutting emissions from the public sector’s own estates and operations.

From housing associations to local authorities, Vital Energi has expertise in helping to meet these carbon reduction targets while driving down energy bills.  By using cutting edge metering technology and data capture we ensure our energy centres are run in a way that ensures optimum performance, taking into account peaks and troughs and seasonal variations.

The solution

No two public sector projects are the same, so it is vitally important to create bespoke energy solutions which are specifically tailored to the circumstances.  Vital Energi has a long track record in working with public sector organisations to reduce fuel costs and CO₂ emissions, from city-wide networks to smaller, localised schemes.

By utilising sustainable technologies we have shown it is possible to make huge monetary savings each year and in the case of housing developments, these savings can be passed on to residents in the form of lower fuel bills, making them popular with housing associations.     In the city of Nottingham over 5,000 households, 100 commercial businesses and several landmark city buildings are now reaping the rewards of affordable and reliable heating and energy.

There is currently a range of funding available, such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) which Vital Energi has experience in accessing for their clients.  These funding streams can contribute a large financial percentage of the project, reducing an organisations capital investment.