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Waste To Energy

Waste Heat Recovery

We can capture excess heat produced during generation or process to serve customers via district heating networks



We work with universities to reduce emissions & create greener campuses with lower energy spend for existing &new campus buildings



We work with developers to deliver design & build of energy centres & support their long-term energy plans and strategic ambitions

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Sub-station / Peaking Plants

We deliver solutions which add further capacity to the local electricity grid to add resilience during periods of high demand.


Agricultural farm

Delivering renewable solutions that serve energy intensive Greenhouse and Vertical farms to lower carbon emissions

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Enhancing energy systems to improve efficiencies and deliver savings on energy bills

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Upgrading energy generation, distribution and improving efficiency whilst adhering to the strictest of security protocols.


Working with numerous sectors to deliver multi-technology generation, distribution and consumption solutions. Click the orange dots to learn more about how we can support you.

Image: We work with the latest technologies to ensure we can offer the most effective low-carbon solution

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Energy Centres

Building and retrofitting energy centres to meet clients’ carbon reduction targets

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Delivering solar farms and building installations to enhance your properties carbon savings

Vital Energi O&M Trigeneration (1)


Generating heating, cooling and power from one single fuel source

Vital Energi Battery Storage

Energy Storage

Using battery storage can help to further optimise and enhance your energy scheme

Vital Energi Heat Pump Energy Centre Queens Quay

Heat Pumps

Renewable generation by using a variety of natural fuel sources including; Ground Source, Water Source and Air Source

Vital Energi Thermal Storage Energy Generation & Storage

Thermal Storage

Improve efficiency of your energy scheme and ensure there is resilience during peak demand times

Vital Energi Biomass St Andrews Guardbridge Energy Centre (1) (1)

Biomass Boilers

Using wood pellet or wood chip as a fuel source to generate low carbon heat and hot water

Vital Energi Energy Centre CHP Plant Equipment


Generating both heat and power to provide a sustainable and viable energy generation solution

Energy Generation & Storage

Technology agnostic solutions developed to meet your project and carbon objectives

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Civil Engineering

We can manage the Civil works on brownfield sites through to City Centres with densely populated services in the ground

Vital Energi Traffic Management Image

Traffic Management

Working closely with Highways departments and proactive communication with local stakeholders to ensure minimal disruption

Multi Utitlity

Multi Utilities

Installing a variety of services in 1 trench including; district heating & cooling, Gas, HV, Communications & Cold Water Services

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Pre-Insulated Pipes

The highest quality pipe installed to reduce your network losses and improve efficiency


Network testing & cleaning

Once installed, our networks undergo an exacting testing regime which ensures our installers have met the highest standards.

Energy Distribution

Combining the highest quality standards in district heating and cooling backed by long term warranties with multi utility infrastructure to provide a robust, secure and reliable network.

Image: Delivering energy infrastructure for residential clients for over 30 years.

Vital Energi Vtherme Fitted Unit (1)

Heat Interface Units (HIU’s)

vTherm° Heat Interface Units are the most efficient on the market & include thermostatic, electronic & hybrid controlled units.

Vital Energi Glass Customer App

Glass App & Portal

The Glass App gives customers greater visibility of their energy usage and can pay their bills or top-up any time anywhere

Vital Energi Smart Meter Vpro2

Smart Metering

With our vPro2 smart metering system, customers gain visibility of their energy consumption & can manage bills more efficiently

Vital Energi EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Providing the EV charging to ensure you create smart infrastructure for your project

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Risers & Laterals

Risers and laterals distribute low temperature hot water throughout multi-story residences.

Image: Understanding your business an creating the optimum energy solution.

Vital Energi Chiller Prince Of Wales Drive


Effective for achieving optimum comfort levels in building and a core component of heating, ventilation & air conditioning systems

Lighting Upgrades 2


Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions on old and inefficient buildings by installing a variety of measures

Vital Energi Royal Salford Hospital BEMS Screen

Controls / Boiler Plant Upgrades

Refurbish/upgrade existing boiler plant & equipment for secure supply, greater visibility & management through improved controls

  • Residential
  • Commercial/Industrial
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Two generations of expertise combined with developing leading products and services that will support our energy transformation to net zero carbon

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Hear what they have to say about working with us...

The team was always looking to improve and add value to the project, there was a very positive approach across the team, I have a lot of praise and admiration for all at Vital and as a result of their work we have a better scheme.

Angus Kennedy, Adams Consulting - University of St Andrews

Vital’s work with us and the district energy network that they delivered on our behalf continues to deliver considerable benefits to the University. As we continue our journey to net zero emissions at the University and our collaborative efforts for heat decarbonisation at city and region scale, we continue to be impressed by Vital’s presence and expertise in the UK market.

Roddy Yarr, Assistant Director (Sustainability and Environmental Management)
The University of Strathclyde

Vital are very good at bringing added value to projects, their knowledge and expertise is consistent. They kept to programme 100%, can’t fault Vital, they managed the changeovers well and put all the resources needed into the project. At one point, they had four different teams in different zones and shutdown was seamless. Lead in times were always accurate, it was a very focused delivery.

Robert Fisher, Building Services Coordinator - University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool - CHP

It was a tried and tested solution and district heating was what the client wanted. It was beneficial to have Vital as they have the expert knowledge and experience to bring to the scheme. Vital's experience became clear very quickly and we could take comfort in the fact that they have successfully completed schemes such as this before. This market is core to Vital so their knowledge added to the scheme.

Julian Packer, Technical Director - Manchester Civic Quarter Heat Network
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Vital brought innovation to the Leeds PIPES project and added value from a project management perspective. Vital really engaged at the tender stage and thought strategically about how they could improve the scheme. Vital have produced some very good material for the website and the launch, and have been fundamental to the stakeholder engagement – they work hard and set the right tone.

George Munson, Senior Project Manager for Sustainable Energy and Air Quality
Leeds City Council - Leeds PIPES Network

Vital are keen to work with us as a team, they have a good flexible and proactive approach. Vital also manage our civils teams which works great, they have developed good working relationships and work together well. They are competent, professional and structured and we have a good working relationship.

Mark Bradbury, Infrastructure Delivery Manager, Nottingham City Council
Nottingham District Heating Scheme

The Vital team had good industry and energy centre knowledge to bring to the Camden Lock project, they knew what they were talking about and had a very good level of communications, good reporting and good point of contact in the relevant teams.

Jacques De Lange, Senior M&E Manager, Mace

Berkeley Homes has been working with Vital Energi at the Royal Arsenal Riverside for the past five years. During this time they have become an integral part of the delivery team providing a comprehensive service for the design, supply, installation and maintenance of the Energy Centre and district heating network serving the site.

David Bannon, Technical Director, Berkeley Homes
Berkeley Group Royal Arsenal

If the project hadn’t been awarded to Vital, it would have been near impossible to deliver. As an organisation, Vital need to be applauded for continuing to show their commitment to the project. Now Vital have the contract they have the authority and we are pleased with the progress they are making. We are very pleased to have a partner in Vital who are taking this forward with us.

Jim McAloon , Strategic Lead – Regeneration - West Dunbartonshire Council
Queens Quay Heat Network (Design)

We are getting healthy financial returns which are good, if not better than envisaged. We are in discussions with Vital regarding the roadmap to decarbonisation, it's a three way discussion between us, CEF and Vital

Don Mackenzie, Energy Manager, York Teaching Hospital
York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Vital won the project as they thought differently to others and came up with solutions others didn’t. Vital understood the Trusts requirements and provided significant contributions to realising our aspirations. Vital were the only company to consider keeping the steam network and retaining its reliability and that was what delivered the project successfully.

Brian Golding, Energy Manager – York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Vital had a good knowledge of the project and understanding of client's objectives. I have a lot of confidence in the design and quality of the work.

Andy Heaysman, Energy & Utilities Manager, Gloucestershire NHS Trust
Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

What exceeded our expectations was the seamless delivery of the district heating network they had cabling and buried mains, crossing roads, near an emergency helipad, on a live site and we never had one complaint. Vitals’ stakeholder engagement went very well, they communicated with a range of technical and non-technical staff at all levels as well as other external stakeholders, site neighbours etc. and their seamless approach is now being adopted by others.”

Graham Mutch, Head of Maintenance and Technical Services - NHS Grampian
NHS Tayside

The scheme has gone exceptionally well. The project not only satisfies a significant element of the estate’s and facilities directorate’s long-term CIP plans, but also satisfies our commitment to reduce the trust’s carbon emissions and meet our sustainability targets.

Andy Fairgrieve, Head of Estates and Facilities - York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This project has been a great success for Dundee City Council. The Energy Performance Contract was a new way of working for the Council which has allowed us to make a step change in the scale and speed of installing energy saving measures in our estate.

Andy Marnie, Energy Officer - Dundee City Council
Dundee City Council NDEE

We continually look forwards to ensure what we do has a minimal environmental impact which is why those considerations have been at the heart of these improvements from the outset. We are also fortunate to have benefited from the expertise and advice of Vital Energi who have considerable experience in delivering these types of large scale energy projects.

Robert Hobkirk , Head of sustainability compliance and risk, NHS Grampian
Our Work

We are very proud that working with Metropolitan and Vital Energi we have been able to deliver this important piece of infrastructure and that it is continuing to play an essential role in the high environmental performance of all of the buildings at King’s Cross.

Clare Hebbes, Senior Project Director at Argent
King's Cross

Vital deserve a lot of credit for working to a tight schedule. The network flew in at the end and it was a slick operation. One of the biggest successes was the traffic management. Areas were well controlled and managed and the site compound was well kept. This was highlighted by how little negative feedback there was from the public. It was a very challenging programme of work, but Vital Energi reacted quickly and effectively to any on site challenges and maintained a positive attitude throughout

Jonathan Coppack, Chartered Mechanical Engineer at Fife Council
2014 Commonwealth Games

The University design team, Vital Energi and their subcontractors have worked well together and have, through the application of good communications, teamwork and a steadfast commitment to making the project a success now reached the important project milestone of topping out the building.

Ian Murray, Consultant Project Manager for the University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool - CHP

The system being installed is one of the best low carbon solutions we’ve found over the years and we can make significant savings, in terms of thousands of tonnes of carbon per year. Vital Energi continued to meet the tight deadlines while causing as little disruption to the University and Edinburgh and its stakeholders

David Barratt, Operations Manger, University of Edinburgh
The University of Edinburgh