Combined Cooling, Heat and Power (CCHP), also known as trigeneration, is a technology which creates cooling, heating and electricity using a single fuel source.



Trigeneration projects use combined heat and power engines to create heat and electricity with the option of converting heat to cooling using an absorption chiller. This makes a compelling business case as heat which is generated during the warmer summer months, and would normally be rejected, can be utilised to deliver cooling. In addition to the financial case, trigeneration schemes can deliver carbon reductions, especially as part of a “blended” solution where it is combined with other renewable technologies.

MediaCityUK Trigeneration Energy Centre

Key Benefits

  • Utilises one fuel source to generate three energy outputs (electricity, heat and cooling)
  • We can guarantee the performance of our trigeneration schemes with Energy Performance Contracts which deliver assured carbon and financial savings
  • Higher level of energy security through the generation of all energy onsite
  • Trigeneration can improve the overall efficiency of CHP-led systems as heat that would normally be rejected can be used to serve absorption chillers to generate cooling
  • Limited noise pollution as absorption chillers produce no noise compared to traditional chiller plant
  • Flexible solutions tailored to individual requirements and to maximise efficiencies e.g. at MediaCityUK, we provided a scheme that uses water from the nearby canal to provide cooling, before filtering it and returning it to its source cleaner than it began. This helped the development to become the world’s first BREEAM sustainable community

Key Considerations

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