Energy Service Company (ESCo)

Our experienced team can act as energy consultants to identify and design the most effective energy saving measures and then install them with the guarantee of long-term carbon and financial savings.

This approach of offering guarantees allows clients to adopt a “Pay as You Save” approach to funding their projects. With no initial capital expenditure the client can then repay the cost of the project from a percentage of their future energy savings.

This offers clients a “No risk” option as any shortfalls would be covered by us.

Part of the Vital service is to help you access the funding needed to undertake energy efficiency upgrades. We have a deep understanding of the financial landscape in this area and can help clients to access grants, incentives and other funding needed to progress.

We have the expertise and track record to confidently deliver in any sector. We have one of the most talented and experienced in-house teams in the industry and are responsible for tens of millions of pounds in savings for our clients.