Multi-Utility Networks

Creating integrated solutions that bring you reliable water, gas, communications, hot water and electricity.

Multiple services contained in one trench

Hiring a contractor who is capable of installing a single multi-utility services package that save you time, money and minimise disruption. Future-proofing your network by delivering a single-trench, that operates HV, heating, cooling, gas, communications and cold water services. We can bring decades of experience of managing similar projects ranging from smaller developments and retrofit projects to city-wide urban heat networks.

Future proofing developments through providing a multi-utility services package

The University of York
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We have one of the largest in-house design departments with decades of experience in delivering multi-utility packages for hospital and university campuses through to city-wide networks. Our approach is to design the route which will avoid clashes, cause the least disruption to residents and commuters, whilst delivering value for money for our clients.

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Pre-construction Phase

We work closely with all stakeholders, including Highways and heritage organisations to create a framework for successful installations. We are experienced in delivering robust traffic management plans, navigating sensitive historic areas to minimise disruption. We will work closely with clients on important areas such as deliveries, compound creation and lay-down areas to ensure the delivery phase runs as smoothly as possible.

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We can deliver a full multi-utility solution or work with other contractors to deliver part of your solution. We have extensive experience in delivering district heating, HV cabling, communications cabling and other utilities in a variety of terrains and locations. Our “zonal” approach to delivery ensures progress continues, protecting our clients’ budgets and programmes.

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