Utilising waste heat can be an attractive and financially viable solution to delivering low-carbon heat, and with megawatts of heat currently generated and rejected in the UK, the opportunity to harness this resource is substantial.

Waste Heat Recovery Solutions (WHRS)


Waste heat recovery utilises the waste heat generated during industrial processes and repurposes it to provide heating and hot water. Sources can range from manufacturing to data centres and the technology has the opportunity to make up an important part of the UK’s energy mix. Energy from Waste is a renewable solution that can provide low carbon electricity as well as capture the waste heat generated during the process and utilise in the form of district heating.


Energy From Waste is a heavily regulated, technically complex area and we can work with you to develop and deliver every stage of a waste from heat project from planning and designing to building and Operation & Maintenance.

We are currently building the Energy from Waste plant Drakelow, which will contribute to greening the grid by generating 18MWe of electricity from non-recyclable Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). We are also implementing successful heat take off projects from Energy from Waste plants including Leeds PIPES.

Key Considerations

Key Benefits

  • reducing-carbon (1)
    Strong financial business case
  • electrical-suply-consumption
    Can utilise megawatts of the UK’s waste heat
  • reducing-carbon
    Key government technology for carbon reduction
  • epc
    Effective in tackling fuel poverty
  • holiday
    Diverts tonnes of waste away from landfill or export overseas