Energy Performance Contracts

We deliver long-term Energy Performance Contracts across a range of sectors which are designed to guarantee key performance indicators and can be key in reducing risk for our clients.

Energy Performance Contracts

Energy Performance Contracts are an ideal tool for organisations looking to make guaranteed financial and carbon savings. We can guarantee a range of key performance indicators which includes financial and carbon savings. These short and long-term partnering agreements can transfer much of the risk from the client and provide long-term budget stability.

See how we are guaranteeing energy & carbon savings to the NHS

York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • epc
    £300M financial savings being guaranteed
  • reducing-carbon
    200,000+ tonnes of carbon savings delivered
  • about
    32 energy performance contracts in place.

We are getting healthy financial returns which are good, if not better than envisaged. We are in discussions with Vital Regarding the roadmap to decarbonisation, it's a three way discussion between us, CEF and Vital.

Dom Mackenzie, Energy Manager, York Teaching Hospital

The scheme has gone exceptionally well. The project not only satisfies a significant element of the estate’s and facilities directorate’s long-term CIP plans, but also satisfies our commitment to reduce the trust’s carbon emissions and meet our sustainability targets.

Andy Fairgrieve, Head of Estates and Facilities - York Hospital