Grid Services

Providing generation solutions which support the national grid during times of grid instability. Our solutions exploit new and existing assets to shift power consumption to when it’s cheapest, generate revenue and deliver supply resilience.

Balancing Supply & Demand

Continuously balancing supply and demand in a cost-effective way is one of the core challenges of the UK’s electricity infrastructure. Whilst renewable technologies are making an important contribution, some are weather dependent, and this means the balancing process needs to be more actively managed. It is increasingly important that electricity users and generators provide flexibility to make sure the UK’s energy needs are still met.

Peaking Plants

Smaller generation plants are increasingly contributing to the grid during times of peak demand. These peaking plants export electricity to the grid when it’s most needed, providing resilience and capacity to the local electricity grid. Plants become operational when renewable energy sources, such as solar, are not producing enough electricity and also at peak demand periods.

Vital Energi Distributed Generation

Electrical Storage

Deploying electricity storage gives us the flexibility to use the energy we generate at the times when it has the greatest value. To support the national grid at times of high demand, our storage solutions enable excess electricity generated during times of low demand to be put to use.

Batter Storage

Demand-Side Response

Energy users can have an important part to play in supporting the National Grid through demand-side response. Demand-side response enables organisations to capitalise on incentives by altering their energy consumption profile for a short time, deploying battery storage on site, or by using generation assets on site.

Grid Services

Capacity Markets

The Capacity Market was introduced by the UK government in 2014 to ensure sufficient electricity generation and demand response capacity will be available to balance the UK's National Grid. Support payments are available for electricity generators, energy storage providers and to customers who can reduce their demand significantly in the event of a ‘grid stress event’. We currently have 6 projects enrolled providing 28MW of generating capacity to the grid.

Vital Energi Capacity Market Chpengine (1)

Independent Connection Provider

We are an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), having gained National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) accreditation. This allows us to offer our customers a fully integrated, cost-effective and flexible approach to the design and delivery of heating, cooling and electrical infrastructure.

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