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Develop or expand a heat network

For over 30 years we have helped to develop, deliver and expand the UK’s district heating infrastructure ensuring quality at every stage of development and delivery.

Decarbonising cities through heat networks​​​​​​

Since working on some of the UK's largest and most established heat networks in Nottingham and Sheffield 30 years ago we have installed major district heating networks throughout the UK, from London and the South through to Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Scotland. Supporting cities and boroughs to develop and deliver heat networks that can connect multiple residential and commercial buildings to reduce carbons emissions and improve air quality.

Connecting major city centre buildings to a sustainable heat network.

Manchester Civic Quarter Network
Manchester Civic Quater Heat Network (2)
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    30+ Years industry experience
  • pipework
    140,000m Pipework installed in the last 3 years
  • energy-supply
    9 City & borough wide heat networks being delivered & developed

Learn more about the exemplar Leeds PIPES heat network project and how it is helping to decarbonise the City.

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