Queens Quay Water Source Heat Pump Project

Glass & vTherm°e - Energy Management System

Executive Summary

The Queens Quay project is the UK’s first large-scale water source heat pump, taking the latent heat from the nearby River Clyde and using it to heat the 23-hectare Queens Quay development which will include 1,200 homes, commercial facilities and essential infrastructure. The project saw us deliver a complete energy solution which included our next generation of smart, in-home technologies which bring transparency and functionality to both the client and end user. Our vTherm°e Heat Interface Unit (HIU) and Glass app were chosen as the preferred products as they are heat-pump-compatible and facilitate the decarbonisation, digitalisation and electrification of heat.

  • home-house
    1,200 Homes at full build out
  • Icon Energy Supply
    146 vTherm°e HIUs installed in phase 1
  • HIU
    29 Lowest VWART recorded under BESA test conditions

Project Overview

The Queens Quay Development will create over 1,200 homes, commercial facilities and essential infrastructure.  The custom-built energy centre houses two 2.65MW water source heat pumps which take water from the River Clyde, extract the latent heat, and use it to deliver heating and hot water to the wider development.

The purpose of the project was to help West Dunbartonshire Council achieve their twin ambitions of maximum decarbonisation, in keeping with their policy of meeting the net zero target by 2045 and addressing the high levels of fuel poverty in the local community.

Two key tools in meeting these targets were:

  • vTherm°e HIU – Our electronically controlled Heat Interface Unit which combines market-leading efficiency with enhanced communications and an intelligent core.
  • Glass App – This has the dual functions of being a cost-effective metering and billing solution for residents and a data display portal bringing to property managers and is designed to bring visibility and control to the end user.

Our Solution

Heat Interface Unit Efficient.

Our vTherm°e HIU was specified for 146 homes in phase one and our operatives installed and commissioned all units and will monitor them using the Engineers app.  This will allow them to assess the performance of each unit, make a range of remote adjustments where necessary, and ensure that each HIU performs optimally.

The Glass app has been made available to all residents on the development for their smart devices and as a portal on desktop and laptops.  In addition to being a multi-functional metering and billing app for residents, it also takes data from the HIU to provide the ESCo with financial and performance data which they can access through a secure, dedicated portal.

If you'd like to know more about the wider Queens Quay Energy project the please visit our case study page here.

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Key Benefits

Queens Quay - Glass and vTherm°e

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