Monitoring and measuring the amount of heat energy consumed by a building or facility

Heat Meters

What are Heat Meters?

Heat metering is a system that measures the amount of heat energy consumed by a building or facility. HIU heat meters provide accurate and reliable data on energy consumption and are an essential tool for managing energy efficiency, reducing costs, and meeting sustainability goals. When combined as part of a smart metering solution, this allows energy monitoring of current and historic usage. Energy metering can help customers better manage their energy usage, reduce their costs and ensure they only pay for the heating and hot water they use.

What are the different types of Heat Meters?

How does a Heat Meter work?

Heat network meters typically consist of a flow sensor, temperature sensors, and a calculator. The flow sensor measures the amount of water passing through the heating system, while the temperature sensor measures the difference in temperature between the supply and return pipes. The calculator then uses this data to calculate the amount of heat energy consumed.

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How do you choose a Heat Meter?

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