About Vital Energi


To provide Viable and Sustainable energy systems with Quality and Intelligence built-in.


Develop synchrony with Clients, Supply Chain and staff to innovate, create and implement Class Leading low carbon community energy systems to produce the UK's future energy generation whilst saving energy, carbon and cost to benefit and protect customers. 


In everything we do, we aim to be the standard bearer for our industry. We are:

Capable: and we have more awards than any other energy company in the last 15 years to prove it
Accountable: we offer 40 year warranties
Valued: just read the testimonials from our clients
Innovative: a quick look at our case studies show how smart our energy solutions are
Flexible: we offer tailored, responsive answers because we’re an agile, dynamic company

Energy Generation & Management Solutions

We provide sustainable and viable energy solutions for our clients which not only meet their current energy requirements, but also anticipate their future energy demand. Our solutions are future proofed and flexible, allowing us to generate and distribute energy and then provide the management solutions to monitor, measure and reduce energy consumption and ensure those systems operate at optimum performance and clients receive the most benefits.

By using this approach we have been able to continuously reduce our clients’ carbon emissions and save them money on their energy bills each year.

Vital Energi - Sustainable Energy Generation

As a leading innovator in efficient energy provision for the UK, we provide a variety of efficient energy solutions for the public and private sectors. Our designs are specifically tailored to the needs of our clients and we have a strong track record of delivering successful projects that deliver on their guaranteed performance targets.

We provide a total solution, from initial proposal through to energy and asset management and have the expertise to offer advice on metering, billing and financing services.

Vital Efficienci – Energy Management

Vital Efficienci addresses the management, measurement and reduction of energy consumption for public and private organisations. We help you identify achievable energy saving measures within your project. We can also demonstrate to you and your employees how, why and where you can save energy.

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