Our complete metering and billing solutions offer flexibility to meet the needs of any client.

Metering and Billing Solutions

Solutions for Retrofit and New Build Properties

Delivering complete metering and billing solutions to both retrofit and new build properties to provide customers, housing providers and energy providers absolute confidence in the accuracy and reliability of their systems.

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    35,000 meters managed
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    60 client partners
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    59 Metering & billing services projects
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    71 Projects with prepay services

What Our Clients Say.....

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    “It has been such a big relief since Vital have come on board.  Vital are impressive, previously we have had issue after issue, so working with Vital is a breath of fresh air to us. 

    "Vital are like-minded, they have great attention to detail, communicate with us and provide an excellent service.

    "As a client we have great expectations and we aren’t an easy client to please, however Vital have exceeded our expectations. It’s nice to work with Vital, they give you confidence in their quality service, product quality and the resident service they provide.”

    Metropolitan Thames Valley

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