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Executive Summary

As part of The University of Strathclyde's investments into improving its infrastructure over a 10 year period, we were called upon to regenerate their energy solution by refurbishing their existing energy centre and installing a brand new district heating network.

  • stats-numerical
    £14.5 contract value
  • reducing-carbon
    4,100 of carbon saved
  • energy-distribution
    3km district heating pipework
  • warehouse (1)
    16 buildings connected

Project Overview

The University of Strathclyde’s John Anderson Campus is located in the heart of Glasgow with over 21,000 students enrolled. The university is in the middle of an ambitious £600m investment into its infrastructure over a 10 year period. Due to the rising costs of energy, and a desire to reduce carbon emissions by 25% by 2020, the university sought to improve its method of energy generation and distribution.

We were asked to carry out the first phase of the project which is a complete refurbishment of their existing John Street Boiler House to a CHP led energy centre and implementation of a district energy network, whilst maintaining constant operation of the campus throughout the project.

Our Solution

Vital Energi Strathclyde University 054

The client’s ambition for the project was that it was to be implemented across 3 phases to eventually serve all campus buildings and future buildings, with the first phase connecting 16 buildings via a 2.2km buried and 4km above ground heat network running through the campus’ city centre location. When producing the design for the first phase, we had to take into consideration the overall project plan and future phases to determine a suitable solution.

Solution detail

Vital Energi were very committed to the project and they had very good engagement. They were proactive with good communications, there was lots of work going on and they are a good team who understand what they are doing.”

Roddy Yarr, Assistant Director (Sustainability)

Key Benefits

University of Strathclyde - Design

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