Cooling Interface Units

Designed to minimise heat gains and condensation, improving the efficiency of your district cooling scheme. The new electronically controlled vTherm°c cooling interface units are available in a variety of outputs providing cooling for small to large apartments and houses.

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Minimised Heat Gain & Increased Efficiency

The vTherm°c has been designed in a fully insulated EPP case, with pipework and main components also insulated to provide additional protection, which makes the unit one of the most efficient cooling interface units on the market.

Precise Cooling Control & User Comfort

The vTherm°c cooling interface unit accurately controls the transfer of energy from the primary to secondary system utilizing a pressure independent control valve, which improves efficiency and provides the user with a stability and comfort expected.

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Installation, Commissioning & Maintenance Made Easy

The compact, thermally insulated casing is specifically designed in multiple sections to facilitate easy access for maintenance and commissioning.

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