Dundee City Council NDEE

Dundee City Council NDEE

Executive Summary

Dundee City Council achieved a fantastic 25% reduction in carbon emission since 2010. However, the ambitious council were looking to reduce emissions by a further 1,000 tonnes per year through implementing a range of energy conservation measures.  The £1.7m project was procured through the Scottish Government's Non Domestic Energy Efficiency (NDEE) Framework. We were selected to identify and implement the best package of measures. Vital Energi provided an Energy Performance Contract which guaranteed minimal performance across key areas such as carbon reduction and financial savings. This enabled the Council to transfer most of the technical and financial risks as Vital Energi guaranteed a minimum payback period.

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    £1.7m contract value
  • reducing-carbon
    1,000 tonnes of carbon reduction per annum
  • reducing-carbon (1)
    7 year payback period after which the conservations measures begin to generate a profit.
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    7,594 light fittings replaced or converted.

Project Overview

Vital Energi worked with Dundee City Council to further develop their plans and identified 46 separate self-funding energy saving measures, across 8 council properties, of varying age, that would benefit from energy conservation measures.

The buildings identified for upgrade were high energy usage premises, including the Olympia Leisure Centre, Dundee Ice Arena, Central Library, The Crescent, Unit T Claverhouse, Dundee International Sports Centre (DISC), McManus Galleries and Gellatly Street Car Park.

Our Solution

Dundee Ice Arena

A 50kWe Combined Heat & Power Enginer (CHP) was installed in the Dundee Ice Arena, designed to generate significant financial savings and carbon reduction. CHP engines burn gas to generate electricity and then use the heat created during this process to provide heating to the arena, offices, changing rooms, the function suite and bar/cafe.

The CHP will save the council 206,000kWhr per year, which equals to almost 50 tonnes of CO2 reduction. Financially, the engine delivers strong savings per year and by the end of the project lifecycle it will not only have paid for the initial capex investment, but also generated a significant savings.

The other energy generation measure delivered on behalf of the council was the installation of photovoltaic panels on three buildings. The solar panels will generate over 200,000kWhr of savings and 43 tonnes of carbon reduction per year, and will return the initial investment in 15 years.

Solution detail

Vital showed a high level of respect to the occupiers, implement changes and additions at short notice and ensure their Health, Safety and Welfare at all times. This respect extended to their own employees, sub-contractors and Council staff. Their commitment to our "Community Benefits" requirements resulted in universal gratitude from the recipients.

Alex Gibson, Dundee City Council

This project has been a great success for Dundee City Council. The Energy Performance Contract was a new way of working for the Council which has allowed us to make a step change in the scale and speed of installing energy savings measures in our estate.

Andy Marnie, Energy Officer, Dundee City Council

Key Benefits

Dundee City Council NDEE

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