NHS Grampian

NHS Grampian Energy Link Project

Executive Summary

The NHS Grampian project provided an exciting opportunity to develop and deliver an innovative “energy link” which would connect two of the Health Board’s campuses. The new solution allowed the energy centre at Royal Cornhill Hospital to operate at full capacity by also supplying heat and power to the Forester Hill Health Campus.

  • reducing-carbon
    5,700 Estimated carbon reduction
  • chp
    25 Year O&M contract
  • ve-lighting
    6,000 Light fittings upgraded

Project Overview

By running at full capacity, the system is now much more efficient and delivers an estimated 5,700 tonnes of carbon reduction per annum and all carbon and financial targets are guaranteed under a 25-year energy performance contract.

In addition to the energy link and energy centre, our engineers also identified a range of energy conservation measures which led to further financial and carbon savings and these works included the upgrade of over 6,000 light fittings and a new Building Energy Management System (BEMS).

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