Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

Executive Summary

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital is a district general hospital located in Gloucester, and provides acute services to Western and Southern Gloucestershire and parts of Herefordshire. We were asked to provide a solution that will help lower the Trust's energy costs and carbon footprint whilst improving energy supply resilience.

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    £13.1m contract value
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    2,800 tonnes of carbon reduction per annum
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    £750k energy bill reduction per year

Project Overview

The Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to lower carbon emissions and energy costs across both Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Cheltenham General Hospital sites. We have previously worked at Cheltenham General Hospital providing CHP led energy centre solution to help the Trust meet their reduction targets, with the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital upgrade to follow.

Our Solution

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We designed and installed a 2.5MWe CHP system, with a waste heat recovery boiler generating steam to be used as the primary source of energy supply across the hospital estate. The project also included the installation of a complex Low Temperature Hot Water distribution system which uses hot water that is recovered from the CHP's cooling systems to generate heating and domestic hot water services.

Solution detail

Good knowledge of the project and understanding of client's objectives, I have a lot of confidence in the design and quality of the work.

Andy Heaysman , Gloucestershire NHS Trust

Key Benefits

Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

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