Swansea Bay University Health Board

Swansea Bay UHB - RE:FIT 4MW Solar PV Installation

Executive Summary

Vital Energi won the contract to deliver two phases of energy improvement works for Swansea Bay University Health Board. Phase one saw them install a range of energy conservation measures across the Health Board’s estate, whilst phase two saw them design, deliver, operate and maintain the £5.7m solar farm which will supply zero carbon energy to the nearby Moriston Hospital.

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    10,000 Solar Panels
  • reducing-carbon
    1,000 tonnes of carbon reduction per annum
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    4MW Of electricity generation
  • hospital
    1st Hospital with dedicated solar farm

Project Overview

Morriston Hospital became the first in Wales to develop its own full-scale solar farm as part of its comprehensive decarbonisation plan.  The installation was delivered at the nearby Brynwhillach Farm, with electricity being transported to the hospital vial a 3km private wire network.

The project saw us work in partnership with the Health Board to develop the project and ensure it met their energy requirements, whilst being within budget.  The final design is capable of supplying 4MW of electricity from 10,000 solar PV panels stretching across 14 hectares of land.

The hospital is a difficult site environment to work in anyway but with COVID it’s been amplified and Vital have worked well with us to implement the right measures under the restrictions. The solar farm has provided us a landmark project in Wales

Geraint Williams, Project Director at GEP Environmental ltd

Vital were very accommodating and mobilised on site well. Very good quality of installation and workmanship, complies and integrates with the hospital system well. They have been extremely collaborative; they have a good attitude and support us well.

Geraint Williams, Project Director at GEP Environmental ltd

Key Benefits

Swansea Bay UHB | RE:FIT Solar Farm

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