The University of Northampton

Biomass Energy Centre & District Heating Scheme

Executive Summary

The University of Northampton wanted to embed sustainability at the heart of their new £330m Waterside Campus and Vital Energi worked with them to deliver a biomass energy scheme which would deliver large carbon savings whilst reaching the highest architectural standards.

  • reducing-carbon
    2,200 tonnes of CO2 reduced per annum
  • energy-centre
    20% reduction in energy centre footprint
  • calendar
    30% reduction of installation timescale
  • construction
    12 month construction programme

Project Overview

The University of Northampton are developing the new £330m, 58 acre Waterside Campus, which will provide state-of-the-art academic facilities for 15,000 students, residential facilities for 1,000 students and sports facilities.

As this is a brand-new campus it provides the opportunity for Vital to work in partnership with the University and their architects to deliver a modern, comprehensive, energy infrastructure package which combines CHP, Biomass and traditional gas boilers.  This will deliver a resilient, efficient system which will generate massive carbon savings… a key driver for the University.

Our Solution

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The University of Northampton’s commitment to quality through all stages of the procurement, design and construction process was evident from the very beginnings of the tendering process, which was scored on a 30% price and 70% quality weighting, ensuring high standards of value for money are embedded from the outset of the project.

We secured two separate contracts on the Northampton University Development, with the first one being a £1.2 million, 35-week project to deliver the multi-utility network.  This was made up of a 1.6km, Logstor Twin Pipe district heating network which would distribute heat and hot water around the campus and also high voltage cabling, cold water and gas pipework.

Vital Energi designed the 1,600m district heating network in keeping with the University’s long-term energy strategy.  This saw the pipework sized so that it can meet the future needs of the campus and the layout was designed to facilitate the easy connection of future, planned buildings.  This “future proofing” approach  is something Vital Energi have done many times, collaborating with clients to ensure the energy solution can evolve alongside the development as it grows, providing optimum supply for each phase.

Solution detail

We are delighted to have the opportunity to develop the University’s commitment to its sustainability agenda and environmental infrastructure has been a key factor in the planning and construction of the Waterside Campus. By working with Vital Energi we have a sustainable, future proof heating network which will service the campus well.

Bob Griggs, Project Director at the University of Northampton

Key Benefits

University of Northampton Biomass Energy Centre & District Heating Scheme

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