Bedford Borough Council - Elstow Solar Farm

Bedford Borough Council - 4.2MW Solar Farm

Executive Summary

Bedford Borough Council transformed a former landfill site in Elstow into a state-of-the-art solar farm capable of generating 4.2MW of electricity. The project saw Vital Energi arrange for G99 and G100 grid certification and sign off, allowing them to export enough electricity to the grid to power approximately 1,000 homes. The project is particularly important as it will deliver significant carbon savings, helping the council meet their carbon reduction targets.

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    8,000 Solar Panels
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    Circa 900 tonnes of carbon reduction per annum
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    4.2MW Of electricity generation

Project Overview

Bedford Borough Council has a Carbon Reduction Delivery Strategy which will help them to become net zero by 2030. The creation of this solar array will assist with achieving this net zero target.
The landfill site closed in 1998 and had to have extensive remediation works, which included the import of 500,000 tonnes tonnes of material, including clay capping. This work was undertaken by the council’s contractors. Vital Energi inherited the restored site from the client and undertook all installation works.
The aim of the project was to generate renewable electricity which can be exported to the grid, bringing the dual benefits of reducing local carbon emissions, whilst generating income for the council.
Vital worked with the client’s professional team to enhance the original design and were able to create a system which delivered the maximum yield possible through the longest period of the day, within the footprint of available land.

Vital have made our lives easier, we are delighted the Council chose to partner with Vital, we have worked together well on the project and would definitely like to continue with this partnership on further works. I don’t say it very often but Vital have been a wonderful partner and everything they have been involved with, I cannot fault.

Paul Pace - Chief Officer, Environment - Bedford Borough Council

Key Benefits

Vital Energi worked with the council to design and deliver a long-term solution which would produce both carbon reduction and revenue for an agreed 25-30 year period.
Once the site had been restored, with clay capping and a gas management system, Vital Energi undertook all piling, installation and infrastructure works to deliver a complete turnkey solution involving over 8,000 solar panels and private wire electrical network.

Elstow Solar Farm

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