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Oxford University Hospitals Energy Project

Executive Summary

Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust had two hospitals which had severely ageing energy infrastructure. Both John Radcliffe and Churchill Hospital had equipment dating back to the 1960’s and the lighting had last been upgraded in the mid 1970’s. The system was suffering from leaks and breakdowns in the boiler system and the estates team felt it was reaching the end of its design life.

  • reducing-carbon
    10,000 tones of guaranteed CO2 savings per annum
  • reducing-carbon (1)
    £460,000 Guaranteed financial savings
  • energy-distribution
    2.2km energy link

Project Overview

Rather than deliver an energy centre at John Radcliffe and a separate energy centre at Churchills we proposed a single energy centre which connected the two via an energy link which comprised on buried district heating pipework and high voltage cables.  Alongside this we delivered a range of energy conservation measures to further decrease energy usage.

By combining the sites’ energy needs we were able to deliver CAPEX and OPEX savings as well as designing a more efficient solution which would further lower carbon emissions and energy spend, both of which are guaranteed under a long-term energy performance contract.

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