It’s Heating Up on Energetik’s Heat Networks

We’ve hit a major milestone on Energetik’s Ponders End Heat Network by reaching Heat On for the temporary energy centre at the mixed use ‘Elements’ development, Enfield Council’s Alma Estate renewal scheme. The first residents of this landmark regeneration scheme are now moving onto the development, which will include over 1,000 homes for sale, shared ownership and council rent, shops, a gym, a medical centre and community facilities.

The temporary energy centre was prefabricated entirely offsite onto a transportable trailer and then delivered to the site as a whole to serve the first properties of the Elements development before the main energy centre is constructed in a later phase. This eased the installation onsite and increased the project efficiencies by reducing construction timescales. Once the main energy centre is constructed, the temporary energy centre can be reused by Energetik on future projects, as well as provide back-up energy for periods of maintenance to the main energy centre.

The Ponders End Heat Network will see two separate new-build developments, the Elements and The Electric Quarter, connected to one single energy centre via a district heating link which is set to start construction later this year.

Rob Callaghan, Vital Energi’s Regional Director for the South, explains, “The installation of the temporary energy centre went smoothly, with the trailer situated neatly in the car park of the development. We’re now busy preparing for the district heating installation ready for the construction of the main energy centre which will serve a total of 1,162 properties when complete.”

Ian Guest, Energetik’s Technical Director, added, “The Ponders End Heat Network is Energetik’s largest scheme to date, and demonstrates our commitment to creating a scalable energy infrastructure for Enfield. By connecting two developments to one shared energy centre, we’re showing how it is possible to work strategically with multiple partners and programmes, and maintain a high standard of delivery.

“With Vital Energi’s support, our staged approach to installing heat generation using two temporary boiler plants allows us to economically deliver heat to the developers’ different build programmes whilst the main low carbon energy centre is built, and will then provide additional resilience to our business in the longer-term.”

This is the second temporary energy centre currently operational on the project with the first being installed by Vital at The Electric Quarter to temporarily serve the first 60 properties constructed on this development, which celebrated reaching its first year of operation at the end of 2018. The 800kW temporary energy centre was also prefabricated offsite and delivered as a completed plant room to fit into a small area initially intended to be a bike store.

Our work with Energetik spans back to 2015 when we first started working on the Arnos Grove Heat Network satellite scheme. With our support, Energetik’s intent is for each network to expand in its area of Enfield and, in the future, connect the three satellite schemes to the larger Meridian Water Heat Network which will be supplied with low carbon waste heat from a local Energy Recovery Facility.

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