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Alex Durkin

Managing Quantity Surveyor

About Alex

Alex has been with Vital for 10 years and has progressed to the role of Managing Quantity Surveyor, becoming a valued member of the Vital team.

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    10 years at Vital
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    Qualification Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying

What was your background when you joined us?

I’d just finished sixth form and was working within the retail & leisure industry. I had ambitions to start a career that was challenging and had several opportunities for progression.

Can you talk us through what you were doing initially?

When I first joined I was new to the industry with no experience. I spent the majority of the first 6-12 months understanding how Vital Energi worked as a business and slowly understanding what services Vital Energi provided.

What are you doing now?

I am now responsible for a team of 4 quantity surveyor’s / assistant quantity surveyor’s delivering multiple projects ranging from £18m - £50k, this is a mixture of Energy Centres and District Heating projects.

Vital have offered support throughout my 10 years with the business and continue to do so today.

Alex Durkin, Managing Quantity Surveyor

How would you say you’ve grown / What have you learned since starting at Vital?

As I have become more experienced I have become more confident as an individual. I have learnt that within this industry, ensuring the project team work collaboratively is key to success along with good communication skills.

Can you talk me through the support you’ve had while you’ve been here?

Vital Energi employ some of the most experienced and talented individuals in the industry. All of them are willing to help those like myself wanting to progress in the industry by sharing their wealth of knowledge. Vital Energi as a business have also supported me with both personal development and academic development.

What would you say your biggest achievement to date is?

My biggest achievement is graduating with a first class honours degree whilst progressing from a trainee QS to a Senior QS within a 5 year period. During this time, I have also been involved in successfully delivering some large projects such as Markinch Energy Centre, Salford Royal CEF, Oxford Teaching Hospitals and various other projects.

What would you say to someone who’s considering applying to Vital through the Graduate Scheme?

I’d definitely recommend Vital Energi to anyone wanting a rewarding & challenging career. Vital have offered support throughout my 10 years with the business and continue to do so today. There are several opportunities to progress, and with the right work ethics and attitude, Vital Energi support career progression.

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