Stakeholder Liaison

Including written, verbal and face-to-face, a solution for all.

It is important to maximise opportunities to engage with all those affected by our projects to ensure your project is clearly understood and allow for a smooth delivery. Stakeholders very much need to be involved with the projects, therefore we value their support and co-operation for a successful implementation. We complete a range of initiatives to maintain support:

Community Engagement Events and Meetings

  • Regular face-to-face contact is key to successful communication
  • We host events to encourage stakeholder questions and raising of potential issues
  • Utilise engaging technologies to communicate schemes, such as 3D animation

Community Engagement 3D Image - Vital Energi Event 

3D images created for a community meeting held prior to the Biomass District Heating project at the University of St Andrews

Visual Aids from Vital Energi Community Event

Visual aids on display for residents benefitting from the Leeds PIPES Network during a community event held prior to the scheme to allow them to seek further information

Vital Energi Representatives at a Community Event

Representatives of Vital attended the community event ahead of the Leeds PIPES Network scheme, along with members of the council, to speak to residents and answer questions 

Resident Liaison Officer

  • Provides a key point of contact for stakeholders
  • Ensures the local community feel included and valued in our projects from the start
  • Helps to earn and maintain support for schemes

Local Supply Chain Events

  • Objectives to source labour and materials as locally as possible to help boost the local economy
  • Host events to brief the local construction industry of the opportunities available
  • Maximise benefits locally and encourage engagement

Supply Chain event University of Strathclyde

A supply chain event was held ahead of the combined heat and power district energy scheme at the University of Strathclyde to inform Scottish businesses on the investment and opportunities on offer, as a means to fulfil our Strathclyde Commitment whereby 65% of the project spend would be in the Glasgow area

University of Strathclyde Supply Chain Event

The University of Strathclyde Supply Chain Event was widely attended by local businesses