Integrating within the Existing Teams

Investing in training of clients’ existing teams.

Incorporating well into the client’s existing team aids the smooth and successful delivery as well as operation of projects. We aim to integrate with all those involved and take every opportunity to share skills and knowledge.

Staff Engagement Events

  • Hold events to explain how the project will work and how they will play a key role in its success
  • Important when working within critical services such as hospitals to ensure staff can advise on any patient questions
  • Key part of our engagement plan when working on the Paintworks housing development project
  • Invest time into educating the Sales Department on the scheme to ensure a well-in formed department who can serve their customers well
  • Results in clear communication with customers to assist in the sales of properties

Vital Energi - Leeds PIPES University Workshop

Collaborating with Current Client Workforce

  • Integrating with existing teams is essential for smooth operating when providing Operation and Maintenance services
  • We work in partnership with the existing team to engage the current staff on the new equipment, ensuring effective operation
  • At Salford Royal Hospital, we invested time into devising a maintenance system to incorporate existing staff and our specialist engineers
  • Resulted in a well-functioning team that can work seamlessly together